No operation from ISØ/DL3BY in 2021!

Unfortunately there will be no operation from Sardinia as ISØ/DL3BY due to lack of space in the car 😥 My two children have packed too many toys and beach utensils 😉 Let‘s see if there is an OM on the island who lets me use his radio 😆


This year I had the possibilty to operate again from DK5MB`s station during the WAE weekend.
Many thanks to Tom and his XYL Nanni for the all-around care and the wonderful time!

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10W HF Linear PA and 20W/50Ω dummy load by QRP-Labs

Yesterday night I assembled the dummy load kit and the PA kit by QRP-Labs. These kits are very easy to build. There are also excellent assembly instructions from the manufacturer.
I have built these two kits in preparation for the QSX transceiver from QRP-Labs, which will be released in a couple of months.

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